With this filter you can adjust the included or excluded term ID’s.


appy_filters('guideplugin/guide/taxonomies', $taxonomy_settings, $guide_id);
  • $taxonomy_settings (array) This array contains the information to include or exclude taxonomies.
  • $guide_id (int) The ID of the guide.


The $taxonomy_settings array looks like this:

$taxonomy_settings = array(
    'option' => 'include', // Include or exclude taxonomies?
    'selection' => [12, 124], // The term_taxonomy_id


The example shows you how to adjust the included or excluded term ID’s.

function my_guide_taxonomies($taxonomy_settings, $guide_id) {
    if ($guide_id == 24) { // The guide you want to modify
        array_push($taxonomy_settings['selection'], 14); // Add term ID 14 to the taxonomy selection
    return $taxonomy_settings;
add_filter('guideplugin/guide/taxonomies', 'my_guide_taxonomies', 10, 2);