You can imagine facets as characteristics of your content or products. For example, if you create a facet color, all possible values (e.g. red, green, money, blue, …) are automatically transferred by our plugin to a special table for each article and product.

More examples:

  • Facette: Coloar
    Source: Category, Custom Field, …
    Values: Green, Blue, Red, Purple, …
  • Facette: Prices
    Source: Price field
    Values: 199, 129, 99, …
  • Facette: Category
    Source: Product category
    Values: Shoes, Clothes, …

Facets are used as building blocks for filtering in the later step. You can read about this in the section Filter.

Create new facets

To create a new facet navigate in the WordPress backend to GuidePlugin > Facet > Create.