With templates you can define the graphical properties of the results. A template acts as a template for the appearance of a result in the frontend.

Create new template

You can create a new template in the Dashboard under GuidePlugin > Templates > Create new template.

You can add different modules to a result template:

  • Title: The title of the result contribution/product.
  • Text: Static text or shortcode.
  • List: List of data.
  • Button: A button with the link to the contribution/product.
  • Data: A text string from a data source (e.g. taxonomy, custom field, …)


Under Settings you can make various settings.

  • Column Width: The width of the line.
  • Align: The alignment of the text within the line.
  • Margin Top: The distance of the line from the top.
  • Show on mobile: If you want to hide the module in the mobile view, you can set this here.